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Stephen L. Riser - CEO

Stephen is a georgia native who has over 25 years in the IT industry. He has done everything from overseeing city wide fiber installations to working on old 486 PC's. Stephen has a passion for anything electronic, and he has worn many hats over the years including Home Theater installation, Car audio installation, and TV and appliance repair. Stephen loves his Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves and the Falcons, even though some years it has been difficult to watch. He loves to travel and spend time with his wife who is a local attorney and his 3 grown children.

TJ Adams
Senior Network Engineer

TJ has been in the IT industry for 13 years, but his passion for technology started at an early age with his Dad’s Commodore 286 and the NES. From hunting ducks entirely too close to the TV to building his own PCs, gaming has and always will be his hobby of choice. His interest in all things computing led him to earn his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from NGCSU in 2012. TJ is obsessed with sunglasses, all things RGB color changing, and spending time with his nephew. Not many people know this about him, but he’s actually an Eagle Scout.

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Edward Rinderknecht
Field Engineer

Edward started his tech career in 1997 servicing PCs for a bowling alley in his hometown of Toledo Ohio and has had his hands in computers ever since. Edward spends most of his free time reading astrophysics books and gaming on Twitch.  He's easily identified as the tall skinny guy with dark hair zooming around town in his bright blue Prius and if coffee is involved, he's probably not far away. 

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